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20 12 2011

I’m over here :). Keeping up two separate blogs was a bit too time consuming so most of my ongoing posting is still on Around the Island, my original blog. I’d love for you to visit me there to see more of my work and life and to hear the latest news from my etsy and Society6 stores.

pink chrysanthemum photo

Today I'm Dreaming in Pink


Brand New at Around the Island Photography – Photoverse Prints!

21 11 2010

Big things are happening at Around the Island Photography this week and just in time for the holidays too! After quite a bit of behind the scenes work I am delighted to tell you all that I have just launched a brand new product line – Photoverse Prints, faith-based and inspirational photography.

These fine art photographs are a beautiful way to share your faith and inspire others – and they make a wonderful holiday gift idea too. Imagine how meaningful it would be to give someone a gift created just for them, one that speaks directly to their heart in the most personal of ways. I’m offering my fine art photographs printed with meaningful verses from the Christian Scripture or any other verse, poem or quote you finds meaningful. I’ve got a number of ready-made prints for sale and am also offering a custom-designed offer – your favorite quote or verse on the photograph of your choice. (For my Jewish clients, a Judaica section is already in the works – and remember, a custom Photoverse print can have any quote you like on any of the photographs in my shop.)

Photoverse prints look wonderful framed and would make a really special Christmas gift, especially with a verse chosen especially for its personal meaning to the recipient. Searching for a unique gift idea for someone special? This might just fit the bill.  

 Click here to see the new Christian Art section at Around the Island Photography, and I’d be most grateful if you’d consider forwarding this on to anyone you think might find it of interest.

Ancient Olive Tree from Around the Island Photography


Together - Fine Art Photograph by Around the Island Photography

Reach for the Sun

5 07 2010
Reach for the Sun - Firework Chrysanthemum

Reach for the Sun

Click here to purchase this stunning image from my online store.

Nature never ceases to amaze and delight. This stunning image is actually the reverse side of my Firework Chrysanthemum. The same flower, two completely different pieces. Both beautifully dramatic and yet so very different in appearance with the change in perspective.

Best of all? Both of these images are brand new, which means that as I’m writing this the actual flower is sitting in a vase right on the counter for me to enjoy.

Happy Fourth of July!

4 07 2010

"Firework" Chrysanthemum

May All Your Fireworks Be Bright

Not ready to see those Fourth of July fireworks come to an end? Hang this stunningly dramatic floral firework in your home and you won’t have to. Israel’s Independence Day was back in May so I was thrilled to create this stand-in for the holiday fireworks I remember from childhood Fourth of July celebrations at the lake.

When you’re done with the barbecues and the celebrations swing by my etsy shop to stick this gorgeous photograph in your shopping cart and discover what else is new – with so many new pieces listed there’s sure to be one that’s just perfect for that nagging blank spot on your wall.

Exciting News for Around the Island Photography!

24 05 2010

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Old Jaffa Doorway

Hi everyone,

I’ve just taken a big step and entered my portfolio into the Artists Wanted competition, a very serious (and flippin’ expensive – yikes!) competition for emerging photographers. I’d be most grateful if you’d click through to my portfolio and rate it (preferably highly ;)). All you need to do is click on the appropriate star, no registration or personal details necessary (hint: the 5th star on the right is “fantastic” – a 5-star rating). You can vote once every day until the contest closes.

My Artists Wanted Portfolio – click here to view and rate

Beyond the (albeit remote) chance of winning (a stupendously mindblowingly wonderful prize), the portfolio database will also be made available to a wide range of industry professionals, gallerists, etc. so I want to garner as much positive attention as possible to get my name and work in front of the people who call the shots.

So please – vote early and vote often.

Thanks so much,

Almond Blossoms – Spring is on its way!

1 02 2010

Butterfly on an Almond Blossom

Tu B’Shvat (the New Year for the Trees, sort of a Jewish Arbor Day) was this past weekend and the almond trees are in bloom – right on schedule. 

Almond Blossoms in the Sun

Here in Israel almond trees burst into bloom within days of Tu B’Shvat (pretty smart trees, aren’t they? How do they always know?) As someone who thrives on warmth and sunlight this is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s not quite spring yet, but this riot of flowers is like a word of reassurance from Mother Nature, a sure sign that it won’t be too much longer now before we bid goodbye to the gray skies and long sleeves of winter.

Seeing these trees in full flower is a true feast for the soul – and for the animals, too. I’ve never seen so many butterflies congregating in one place in my life, and the bees, too, so busy with their pollen and being busy as, well, bees, that they never even noticed the two-legged interloper with the black box in front of her eyes.   


Almond Blossoms Against a Bright Blue Sky

Butterfly on an Almond Blossom 2

 To bring this breath of spring into your own home pop over to my etsy shop, where you’ll find these and more of my fine art and nature photography available for purchase.

Taking Tandem Nursing to New Heights

23 01 2010
I don’t usually blog images here that aren’t for sale in my etsy shop but this news is too exciting not to share! 
This photo I took of a mama giraffe nursing her young is going to be the lead-off slide for a skills session on tandem nursing at this year’s East Coast More than… LATCH Conference! As a breastfeeding counselor who’s accruing hours to sit the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) exam myself I was thrilled when tandem nursing skills session leader Lynn Dunn-Mahon contacted me for permission to use the image and couldn’t be more thrilled to see it put to such great use. I only wish I could be there to hear these great presentations myself – what a powerhouse conference Susan Hatcher of Health Source for Women has put together.

Taking Tandem Nursing to New Heights

Until I saw this mama giraffe and her children at the Ramat Gan Safari Park here in Israel I never realized that some animals tandem nurse, I’d always assumed that the older nursling is weaned before the next one arrives. What a treat to witness such a special moment.

This image is not currently listed in my shop. If you’d like to purchase a copy let me know and I’ll make a listing for you right away – it would look great on the wall of a breastfeeding clinic. And while you’re here, take a moment to click through to the shop as well for more images that would look great on your home or office wall.)